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What is Solutions Focus?

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Solutions Focus (SF) is an incisive way of building positive change in tough situations. It is a rich and multi-dimensional approach with roots in 'brief therapy', and has a long and well-established heritage in many contexts including organisational change, education, conflict resolution and coaching...

Solutions Focus: how to change everything by changing as little as possible

It's common knowledge in the business world that change is very difficult. Managing change is hard work, creating change takes lots of effort, top management support is vital and yet elusive, and great care has to be taken to make sure it all doesn't go horribly wrong. At least so it is said...

Solution-Focused Approaches in Management

A landmark review of the research and writings about applications of SF to management. Published as a chapter in "Solution-Focused Brief Therapy", Cynthia Franklin, Terry Trepper, Eric McCollum & Wallace Gingerich, eds, Oxford University Press, 2011.

Another Copernican Revolution?

SF has also been described as paradigm-shifting. Let's look at some of the ways that the SFrevolution turns conventional thinking Upside Down...

The Solutions Focus: Keeping It SIMPLE In The Learning Organisation

SF is very much part of the systemic tradition. We think it has a distinct flavour, which makes it an interesting addition to the existing repertoire of organisational change approaches. In this article we will explore the key elements of SF and see how they fit alongside other systemic approaches including appreciative inquiry and NLP. We will also give a real case example, and see how the SF approach helped us to find a dramatically effective solution in an industrial setting...


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