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Mark McKergow

Jenny Clarke

Jenny Clarke

Mark McKergow speaking in 2017


Dr Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke

Steps to a humanity of organisation

Over the past three decades, Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke have worked to bring new ideas about learning, changing and leading into the organisational field.  We like things which:

  • Make ‘hard’ things easier, quicker, cheaper and more rewarding
  • Use abilities and know-how people already have (and perhaps have not noticed yet)
  • Take a counter-intuitive or unexpected turn, and
  • Work ‘with’ the natural grain of the world rather than against it.

Learning: Accelerated Learning in business settings (where learning increases when you teach less)

Changing: Solutions Focus in coaching, team development and organisational change (where problems are dis-solved by looking at what’s wanted and what’s working)

Leading: Host Leadership, post-heroic leadership by bringing people together (where leaders lead by stepping back as well as stepping forward)

What we do now:

  • Speak and teach internationally about our work with keynotes and masterclasses
  • Run online courses, classes and supervision groups, and supervise/coach SF coaches and practitioners
  • Write and review books and articles to continue developing approaches to learning, changing and leading
Quote - Mark McKergow's techniques and strategies are unbelievably effective, applying them within my own organization has produced results in moving us forwards that can rightfully be described as nothing short of phenomenal - Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI

Online SF course: Next 16-week online SF Business Professional online course with University of Wisconsin Milwaukee starts 23 October 2022. Transform your coaching, facilitating and management with the latest developments in 'SFBT 2.0' at work with Mark himself this year. Early bird price available. This is the only course until Autumn 2023 at the earliest. More...


Mark's new book Host is attracting attention. More details on the book's site http://hostleadership.com.
Buy the book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle format.

Quote - With Toyota, we use Mark's work when we're really stuck.  What amazes us is that we can always find a next step - and when you have one next step, you can find another, and then things are moving again - Koto Cho, Chinoewa, Japan

Our bestselling books


The Solutions Focus
The Solutions Focus:
the classic introduction to SF, now in 11 languages

Solutions Focus Working
Solutions Focus Working: the SF casebook, 14 examples of SF in action in organisations

Positive Approaches To Change
Positive Approaches to Change: articles on SF and Appreciative Inquiry in management

57 SF Activities
57 SF Activities:
workshop and team event processes from the SF community

The Next Generation of SF Practice Stretching the World
The Next Generation of Solution Focused Practice
The latest developments in how SF works by 'stretching the world'

Hosting Generative Change
Hosting Generative Change
Creating Containers for Creativity and Commitment

Host: Six new rules roles of engagement for teams, organizations, communities and movements

Host Leadership Field Book
The Host Leadership Field Book: Building Engagement for Performance and Results

Our Diary

BMI Dialogic OD Salon #3 - Dialogue and action
Online , : 7 February 2023

What is the relationship between dialogue and action?

Join us for our third online global conversation which will explore the the relationship between dialogue and action. As dialogic OD consultants, practitioners and author we think that dialogue is vital to generative organisational change. But how does that connect to action? How do we help people into action, does it matter (as talk is just a kind of action anyway), are there ways to action which don’t just turn into ‘planned change’ but stay emergent…

Our gathering will be held in salon-style* and hosted by the Faculty of the Bushe-Marshak Institute for Dialogic OD.

We’ll begin with a number of the authors sharing their perspectives on the topic, then open it up for dialogue, creating the space for you to have conversations in small groups before reconvening as one large group.

Anyone interested in change leadership, organizational development is welcome to participate. The panel will consist of authors from the Bushe-Marshak Institute series on Dialogic OD

There is no charge to participate, but you do need to register as numbers are limited. If you cannot attend, the salon gathering will be recorded and available in the days following the event.

Please share the invitation with others in your network who may be interested in attending.

We plan to host more of these conversations in the future and hope you will join us. If there are topics you are particularly interested in please let BMI know by emailing info@b-m-institute.com

*A salon is a gathering of people held by an

SOLWorld conference 2023
Vienna, Austria, : 8-10 June 2023

Join Mark and many international practitioner of Soluitions Focus for SOLWorld 2023! More details at https://www.solworld2023.at/

Host Leadership Gathering 2023
Vienna, Austria, : 12-13 June 2023

Join me at the Host Leadership Gathering 2023 - two full days of inspiration. https://sinnvoll-fuehren.com/hostleadershipgathering2023/